With expertise in Big Data, Data Science and Spark/Hadoop, dimajix offers workshops and training courses that can be conducted directly in your company on site. With a wide range of training experiences with a wide range of audiences, from marketing experts to middle management to software developers and data scientists, we are able to design a training course precisely for your needs.

Why chose dimajix?

Unlike many training providers, dimajix is primarily a consulting and development company that also offers training as a further pillar.

You will receive tailor-made training, which is carried out by an expert with a wide range of practical experience in project work. Thus, the practical relevance of the content is guaranteed at all times.

dimajix bietet auch regelmäßig offene Trainings an, die online durchgeführt werden. Mehr Informationen

Big Data for Enterprises

This training is aimed at the professional users and the middle management.

Hadoop & Spark

This course is aimed at software developers and architects, and provides a hands-on and wide-ranging introduction to the Hadoop ecosystem.

Data Engineering

This course is intended for software developers who work as data engineers and want to use Apache Spark for this purpose.

Data Science

This course focuses on data analysis using classic methods and machine learning using Apache Spark.

Even in times of contact restriction, successful training on the web is possible even without a presence using suitable tools such as MS Teams, Jitsi Meet, BigBlueButton etc. dimajix has already successfully carried out several trainings on the web.

Use the time now to open up new possibilities with new knowledge. Just get in touch so that we can show you concrete possibilities.